Bridgeway Community Church

Service Times: Sundays 9:00am and 10:30am

What is S.C.R.I.P?

S.C.R.I.P. is the Student Camp Resource Incentive Program at Bridgeway Community Church. We purchase gift cards at a discounted price from area merchants (Safeway, Starbucks, Target etc.) and the national SCRIP (different meaning) organization. We then sell these cards at face value to parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, anyone at church or any other interested person. The difference in the discounted price and the face value is then rebated back to the Bridgeway Youth Program to help reduce the cost of sending the students to camp.

How do I purchase SCRIP?

You may purchase gift cards that are on hand on Sundays. You can get them from Debbie Sinfield or Wendi Rehn. You may also pre-order gift cards by filling out an order form with a check made out to Bridgeway Community Church. Give the order form to Debbie Sinfield or Wendi Rehn and they will get your order to you on the designated disbursement date. You can see deadlines for orders in the Bridgeway Opportunities emails. We accept cash and checks made out to Bridgeway Community Church with SCRIP in the memo line. Preorders submitted by Feb 12th, will be disbursed Sunday Feb 19th.

Here is the PDF order form (also available in Microsoft Word format). Please print it, fill it out and give it to Debbie Sinfield or Wendi Rehn.

Let’s get those kids to camp!!!!