Bridgeway Community Church

Service Times: Sundays 9:00am and 10:30am

...Like a tree planted by streams of water...

         Psalm 1:1-3

Refiner's Fire

A book by Kay West

John and Kay West were missionaries in southern Africa almost seven years. Kay's first book, Refiner's Fire, is based on their experiences. Purchase proceeds help Swaziserve Missions.


Bridgeway Women's Bible Studies 2017

Tuesday Evenings

Every week starting at 6:30PM at Bridgeway

This group will be starting up again in the August/September time frame. Watch here for what is to come.

Study is led by Sheryl Halliburton. Contact her at

Every other week starting at 6:45PM at Bridgeway

This group is also taking off for the summer months, but will be starting up in the August/September time frame.

Wednesday Evenings

This group meets every other Wednesday at 6:30PM at Charlaine Adkins home.

They will be finishing their study of Revelation, by John Stott in mid-June and then taking the summer off. They will start back up sometime in August or early September.

The leader for this study is Melinda Coate and she can be contacted at Melinda is currently out of the country on business.

Thursday Mornings, 9AM at Bridgeway

These ladies are starting a new study 2 Timothy: Standing Firm in Truth by John Stott. This study will start May 18th and continue for the next 8 weeks. A second summer study will start when this one is completed.

Please contact Pam Brumitt at for more information. Pam co-leads this group with Melody Lambros.

Friday Mornings, 9AM at Bridgeway

This group will begin a study of the book of Hebrews on Friday March 10th and complete on May 26th. This group will be taking the summer off and will pick up a new study in the Aug/Sept. time frame.

Debborah Charboneau is the leader of this study and she can be contacted at

A Word from Kris...

I encourage you to find a study that interests you and fits your time schedule.

If you are having difficulty finding a time that fits, please let me know,, so that we can address your needs in the future.

Other Events for 2017

Event Details
  • Mini know-each-other evenings - game night, pot luck, bunco. Just an evening to share and enjoy with each other. Dates and details to follow.
  • Biblical Journaling/ Open Craft/ Coloring evenings will continue on the following dates throughout the summer - May 18th, June 23rd, July 28th, August 25th. The location is changing to Kris Black's house... Hours will be 6PM to 9PM. Contact Kris at or 602-625-9355 if you are interested or want to craft for an evening. Kris's address is in the directory along with her husband Jack O'Neal